How to Clean an Airbnb Property. Tips from an airbnb cleaning specialist.

How to Clean an Airbnb Property

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What are the most important things to clean in an airbnb on a regular basis? This post will walk you through the airbnb cleaning process. Hopefully, the tips here will help you guide your airbnb cleaning service or help you set expectations. First, here are some tips that will help you score 5-star cleanliness reviews on Airbnb.

The Basics of Airbnb Cleaning for Beginners

First, do a walkthrough of the property to make sure nothing is broken or stolen. If anything is broken or stolen, report to the host or to Airbnb. Next, strip the beds and count the linens and towels to make sure there is nothing missing. If you find any lost and found, report it immediately to the last guest, they will appreciate it. If the cleaning is going to take longer than expected, let the host know or the next guest checking in if it interferes with their timing. 

Wall to Wall Method

The wall to wall method means you must finish one room before moving to another. It helps to ensure nothing is missed or forgotten. Focus helps the cleaning go quicker and increases the quality of the clean itself. 

How long does cleaning an airbnb take?

Cleaning an airbnb takes approximately 4-6 hours if the laundry is done onsite. With offsite laundry, the turnover cleaning team can be reduced to 2-3 hours. Condos can be cleaned in a little over an hour if laundry is prepared. 

How long does cleaning an airbnb take?

What supplies do you need to clean your Airbnb?

You need the right cleaning supplies to clean an airbnb. Do not go into the job unprepared!

Here are my airbnb cleaning supply recommendations:

What supplies do you need to clean your Airbnb?

Your Airbnb Must Have a Clean Kitchen 

Most guests actually cook or reheat food while they stay in an airbnb. It is one of the main perks of renting a short-term rental. The refrigerator should be sanitized and wiped down. No leaks and no spills! To clean the kitchen of your Airbnb, perform the following tasks:

  1. Wash and dry all dishes
  2. Organize dishes in the kitchen cabinets
  3. Check all dishes that were already cleaned, they may have been put back dirty by the guest or the previous cleaner
  4. Clean the stovetop and oven
  5. Clean the refrigerator, being careful not to miss any leaks and spills in the crevices 
  6. Check the odors of the freezer and refrigerator, place baking soda if necessary 
  7. Always check and clean the coffee maker and toaster, it is often missed 
  8. Any extras like crockpot and blender need to be cleaned 
  9. Shine the stainless steel 
  10. Place a new sponge and refill dish soap 
  11. Take out the trash, clean trash receptacles, and place new trash liners 
  12. Run garbage disposal and dishwasher 
  13. Clean the surfaces with correct chemical, shine granite, clean backsplash
  14. Run your hand across the counter to make sure there is no left over debris
Your Airbnb Must Have a Clean Kitchen 

How to clean the bathroom of your Airbnb

Since your guests will be using the toilet and taking showers, you need to make sure when they are doing their business that they do not see anything gross like the lasts guest’s public hair, a clogged drain, or toe nails – yuck! Here is the task list to clean the bathroom like a airbnb cleaning pro

  1. Clean the toilet bowl, underlid, seat, and bottom of toilet. Do not forget behind the toilet as well.
  2. Squeegee the mirrors and glass
  3. Clean the tracks of the shower if any 
  4. The tubs and showers should be cleaned with bleach if the surface can handle bleach / Clorox. 
  5. Clean the grout lines with magic eraser – it works wonders on mildew
  6. Vacuum or broom, then mop, then vacuum again the get out any hairs left
How to clean the bathroom of your Airbnb

Making the beds in your Airbnb 

Clean beds are so inviting! First, make sure that everything is laundered. This includes the mattress pad, flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillow cases, and blanket. Make the bed tight, military or hotel style! Here is how to make the bed in an Airbnb:

  1. Place the clean mattress pad first on the mattress
  2. Put the fitted sheet on tight
  3. Then, put the flat sheet on and quarter fold the top so it looks tight
  4. Put the pillowcases and pillows on the bed neatly
  5. Add the comforter or blanket on top
Making the beds in your Airbnb 

Doing the laundry in your airbnb

Laundry is super important since there is only so much time during a turnover cleaning. You can expect to wash 4-5 loads, so anything that cannot be completed in the washer and dryer should be laundered offsite. When first entering the property, your airbnb cleaners should strip the beds and start the laundry. Next, warm water wash what you can to rid the linens of dust mites. Also, linens must be sanitized to avoid bed bugs and dust mites. 

Doing the laundry in your airbnb

How Airbnb Cleaners Clean the Rooms

First, your vacation rental cleaning service should check the room.

Experienced airbnb cleaning services will check the entire room. Here is what your airbnb cleaner should check.

  1. Under the bed
  2. Under cabinets
  3. In drawers
  4. In the closet
  5. The windowsills 
  6. Behind the doors 
  7. Beds that do not look used, they should be checked and washed

Check everywhere! Why? Guests sometimes find things (or report that they did for refunds…) in the above areas. If your airbnb cleaner can, ask them to take photos of areas they have checked to provide backup documentation in case of a cleanliness complaint from your airbnb guest.

Finally, after checking the room and making the beds, do the following:

  1. Vacuum / mop the floors 
  2. Organize the closets 
  3. Stage the room for the next guest 

How to clean the exterior and outside of your Airbnb 

Is the outside of your place clean? How is your landscaping (no weeds)? Are your windows clean from the outside as well? The outside windows are just as important as the inside of your airbnb. 

The entryway of your home should not be cluttered and needs to be sparkling clean, this is your first impression and you want it to be an inviting one.

If you have a pool, it needs to be sparkling blue. If you have a deck, there can be no cigarette butts, hair, bandaids, or trash. 

Trash must be removed and should not be in the trash bin or anywhere around the property, it will carry a smell and is a horrendous first impression. 

How to clean the exterior and outside of your Airbnb 

Cleaning the common areas in your short term rental

Remember, common areas must be staged and cleaned for check-in like no one has ever stood. This means the floors have to be mopped and vacuumed. Also, all surfaces, blinds, and curtains should be fresh and cleaned. Next, tables should not have food particles from previous guests. Even the remotes should be sanitized. Here are other areas to clean in your airbnb common areas:

  1. Behind the TVs and the entertainment center
  2. Clean all drawers and check underneath furniture
  3. In the sofa and couch cushions, you would be surprised what you can find there 
  4. Tracks of sliding doors
  5. The handles and door knobs 
  6. Any and all surfaces 
  7. Finally, floors, floors, floors – these are a major complaint when not cleaned correctly 
Cleaning the common areas in your short term rental

How to inspect your Airbnb after cleaning

Don’t forget, every vacation rental needs to be inspected. This is called the final walk-through. Here is how to inspect an airbnb:

  1. Checking every dresser, drawer, closet, and under every bed to make sure nothing has been left behind by previous guests.
  2. Inspecting the pantry and cabinets need to be checked for left behind food. All dishes must be clean.
  3. Surfaces and floors must have no streaks, hand prints, or footprints.
  4. Checking for hair. Pay special attention to the bathrooms for small hairs.
  5. Document any damages by taking pictures and pay special attention to items needing maintenance. Photo evidence is required for claims on Airbnb and VRBO.
How to inspect your Airbnb after cleaning

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