Airbnb Unveils Winter 2023 Update: A Spotlight on ‘Guest Favorites’ — The Top 2 Million Properties and New Features for an Enhanced Hosting Experience

Airbnb Winter 2023 Update Highlights and Key Details

Airbnb Winter Update 2023
Source: Airbnb

Airbnb proudly introduces its Winter 2023 Update, elevating the guest experience by spotlighting ‘Guest Favorites’ — a carefully selected compilation of the 2 million most esteemed properties on Airbnb, guided by guest feedback. Complementing this, Airbnb is rolling out an array of improvements, including revamped ratings and reviews, alongside the innovative Listings tab, which provides hosts with robust tools to present their homes more effectively.

Airbnb’s Catalogue: Over 7 Million Unique Homes Globally

With a global array of over 7 million unique homes, Airbnb stands out for its diversity in accommodations. However, this variety sometimes presents a challenge for guests who seek predictability akin to hotel stays — the primary hurdle that deters them from booking with Airbnb.

Guest favorite badge Airbnb
Source: Airbnb

Transforming Guest Expectations: Introducing Three Key Upgrades

Today marks a pivotal change with the introduction of three key enhancements to empower guests with clear expectations before booking:

  1. Guest Favorites – This is a compilation of the top 2 million homes on Airbnb, curated based on guest ratings, reviews, and host reliability, drawing insights from over half a billion trips.
    • Excellent Ratings and Reviews – These favorites boast an average rating above 4.9 stars, receiving high marks for aspects like check-in, cleanliness, accuracy, communication, location, and value.
    • Unmatched Reliability – These homes have a stellar record of reliability with less than 1% host cancellations and minimal customer service issues related to quality.
    • Discoverability – Easily identifiable through a new badge in search results and listing pages, or by using the filter for Guest Favorites, these properties are prominently positioned for discovery.
  2. Revamped Ratings and Reviews – With over 371 million reviews to date, the new design of the ratings page enriches guests’ insights into the quality of homes with added features:
    • Review Sorting – Guests can now sort by newest or highest-rated reviews to pinpoint the information they value most.
    • Rating Distribution – A newly introduced chart provides a visual representation of review distribution across the 1 to 5-star spectrum.
    • Enhanced Review Details – Reviews now come with additional context about the reviewer and specifics of their stay, like hometown, duration, and travel companions.
  3. Listings Tab – Acknowledging that detailed listings can lead to 20% more bookings, Airbnb is introducing the Listings tab, featuring new tools for hosts to enrich their listings with ease:
    • Listing Editor – A refreshed interface enables hosts to effortlessly detail amenities, sleeping arrangements, and check-in information.
    • AI-Powered Photo Tour – Leveraging Airbnb’s AI technology, hosts can generate a photo tour categorizing images by rooms, with the flexibility to edit and highlight room features.
    • Smart Lock Integration – In select regions, hosts will soon be able to integrate smart locks with Airbnb, allowing guests to receive unique access codes directly within the app.
Review filtering…Source: Airbnb

More Enhancements for Hosts

Alongside the Listings tab, the Winter 2023 Update includes further improvements for hosts:

  • Pricing Transparency – Host-set prices now include service fees for better clarity on guest charges.
  • Price Comparison Tool – Within the calendar, hosts can compare their prices with similar listings to stay competitive.
  • Revamped Earnings Dashboard – A redesigned dashboard provides a comprehensive earnings overview, complete with detailed reports and customizable options.
  • Co-Host Payout Options – Hosts now have more flexibility in sharing earnings with Co-Hosts, including sharing cleaning fees or a percentage of the booking amount.
  • Co-Host Messaging – Enhanced Inbox features facilitate communication between Hosts and Co-Hosts, aiding in reservation coordination.

Global Rollout Commences

The rollout of Guest Favorites, the redesigned ratings and reviews, the Listings tab, and additional host upgrades commences this week. Hosts eager to explore these features can enroll in Airbnb Early Access. The smart lock feature will join Early Access for US and Canada listings later in the year, with pricing transparency and comparison tools set to follow next year.

Source: Airbnb

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