Airbnb Laundry Service? Airbnb Laundry Time Will Make or Break Your Operation. Learn How Superhosts Handle Laundry.

Laundry. We all know this is what squeezes our turnover time the most. Airbnb cleaning services all handle laundry very differently. However, how you handle your airbnb’s laundry will make or break your guest reviews. Most homes are equipped with residential and not commercial washers and dryers. In this podcast episode and blog post, I hope to share my experiences with you so you can handle your laundry like an airbnb pro.

Most washer and dryers are not fit for airbnb turnover success

Chances are, you have the washer and dryer that came with your property. First, I suggest switching those out for highly efficient machines. Your vacation rental cleaners can perform magic, but only if your home has the tools to turnover laundry.

How long does laundry take during airbnb cleaning? Laundry math.

A load takes about an hour to wash and an hour to dry. That is, if you don’t stuff the washer and dryer to its full capacity. Quick wash is not washing sheets and towels! That is just gross. To properly do a load, you need the time. So in a 5-6 hour turnover for a typical 3-4 bedroom, you can only do 4, maybe 5 loads. That means you can really only do the sheets, towels, and pillow cases. You may be asking, what about the comforters? Well, there is literally no time and if you expect your airbnb cleaners to perform a miracle you are setting them up for service failure and a negative review from your airbnb guest is sure to follow.

Airbnb Laundry Service is an option…

Your airbnb cleaning service can take the linen offsite to a laundry. What is best practice is keeping 3 sets of sheets and towels at the home. This is how to do laundry at your airbnb:

  1. Strip the beds and bag up the laundry to take to the airbnb laundromat
  2. Make the beds with new and fresh linens
  3. Do the same with the towels
  4. Bring back the linens that were washed at the laundromat next time

How much does it cost to do laundry offsite for my airbnb?

Offsite laundry will raise your airbnb cleaning fee. Chances are, your cleaner will only accept a small discount on their service, if any. They still have to do pickup and delivery, so they may actually increase the fee. The laundry can cost $2.50 a pound at some laundromats. Washing comforters can range from $15-50 each comforter at a laundromat.

Airbnb guest cleanliness expectations high, most guests upset about the clean fee

Airbnb guests typically do not want to pay a clean fee and think it is already high. The sad thing is, for what is paid in the cleaning fee it really does not include washing absolutely everything in the laundry. Most owners want the highest standards of cleanliness for their airbnb guests, therefore they absorb the cost.

Beware of airbnb cleaning services that are too cheap

Knowing the laundry cost and what it takes, ask yourself: are your airbnb cleaners actually doing the laundry the right way?

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