How to Remove a Bad Review on AirBnB

How to Remove a Bad Review on AirBnB

Reviews are the lifeblood of AirBnB bookings. They show travelers that it is safe booking with you. What if a guest leaves you a bad review? Is your business doomed to fail? Definitely not. If you received the dreaded negative review, please do not cry just yet. There is hope. Learn how to remove a bad review on AirBnB in a few short steps.

AirBnB Bad Review for Refund
A lot of hosts and owners are having guests request refunds for complaints and threatening to leave a bad review if they don't get their way...

Can I remove a bad review from an AirBnB guest?

Yes, but it is not easy. AirBnB highlights the bad review must violate its content policy for removal consideration. In short, a violation would be any of the following:

  • Reviews that don't represent the experience of the guest or anyone in their party
  • Reviews incentivized by promise for payment, discount, extra services (think - I will provide review A if you give me cash or a late checkout)
  • Reviews motivated by threat of extortion
AirBnB's content and extortion policy is very strict and is in place to protect listings and the integrity of the review system...

How to remove a review on AirBnB

So, your review qualifies for removal. Next, contact AirBnB and explain the situation professionally. The response to remove AirBnB review can go something like this:

"I am experiencing a threat of a negative review if I don't compensate or refund a guest. The review does not represent the experience accurately and is incentivized by promise of payment, please find examples attached of communications that support this. I am a loyal user of AirBnB's platform and I also want to uphold the integrity of the review system, but my listing can be adversely affected by this guest violating AirBnB's content policy"

That's it. Respond professionally and attach evidence showing the review is an attempt to get a refund from you.

Can I delete an AirBnB review I don't agree with?

Well, no. Unfortunately, if the guest has an opinion you should listen to feedback and improve the guest experience going forward. You are in a cutthroat business - there are millions of listing out there.

Unhappy guest wants a refund / compensation - what do I do?

I had an experience with a guest who complained about everything! First step? Listen to them for validity in their complaints. This particular guest complained of a few issues:

  • Pool heat was not working
  • Spa was losing water
  • AC was too hot
  • Bed Bugs

Was any of this true? Absolutely not.

How did I respond to all of this? First, I contacted professional help. A pool tech went out and diagnosed the problem - guests were tampering with the valves causing the pool problems. We kindly explained we have rectified the situation and to not touch the valves - she still wanted a refund of two nights. I went to the property and the home was a comfortable 72 degrees out. Her response? It just got cooler. Bed bugs? She actually took pictures of a bed bug and sent it to me - I was shocked. I contacted my pest control service, they determined not only were there no bed bugs, but the bed bug was dead and planted. Meaning the bed bug came from this guest and there were no living pests in the property.

This guest actually came to the property knowing they were going to ask for a refund. In this business, we have to think the best of others, but sometimes the guest can cause harm to your business by dishonesty. Educating yourself how to respond is your strength.

Stay motivated, and keep creating memorable guest experiences so your reviews can make you shine like the superhost you are.

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Aim for five stars. Manage your guest expectations - create memorable experiences, win five-star reviews.

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