100 outreaches in 100 days for short term rental  

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100 outreaches in 100 days for short term rental. Transcript.


Howdy friends, it’s John. And today I want to talk about a strategy that I’ve used that I actually learned from Alex or Mozy who’s trending on all sorts of media nowadays, but it was his hundred rule, like his hundred outreach rule. He’s really big on getting new businesses to do warm and cold outreach, and it’s something that I’ve successfully applied to both my Airbnb cleaning platform and my short-term rental business because it does work. Sometimes we get into that autopilot mode of listing it and waiting for leads, just waiting for people to inquire, waiting for people to book our property. But we sometimes have to go out there and actually go fishing. It’s just like getting the right bait, going out there and going fishing and going and catching a fish versus waiting for the fish to fall on our laps so we can cook it.

It’s a very different concept. So if you’re not familiar with cold outreach and you hated sales and you just went into accounting or finance or something technical because you wanted to just totally get away from sales, well sales is coming back to haunt you again because everything we do is selling. You have a product, your vacation rental, and the goal is to sell it to as many people as possible who it’s a proper fit for. Now, we have in today’s day and age, so much ease of contacting people through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. We have LinkedIn, we have blogs, we have forums, we have our own personal network, real life phone. There’s so many ways we could get in touch with others that sometimes it becomes overwhelming as to which media we should use the most. Well, the important thing is actually staying consistent. And just like training for fitness, we want to stay consistent and working in our business and doing a hundred outreaches in a hundred days has worked for me.

It was a ton of work at first because it seemed like the days were going so fast you were talking to so many different people and you had to track all of this and you had to follow up, and it felt like the days were just moving and moving and moving. But what I did find out is yes, it’s a numbers game and the more people you reach out to, the more sales you make and somebody who’s actually doing a hundred outreaches, whether that’s 10 warm outreaches and 90 cold outreaches, or five warm outreaches, 95 cold outreaches, it’s still getting your product in front of more people. If you’re on Airbnb, you might just get a couple of views a day and maybe none of those book so you don’t have bookings every day. But imagine how your business would change, not just for your one short-term rental, but across your entire real estate portfolio, whether you have long-term properties, midterm rentals, or just short-term rentals.

If you actually practice the skill and you leverage it to its fullest potential and you built a network that books your properties or rents your properties long-term, it would be a dramatic increase. You’d be booked all the time. You’d have no vacancies and even long-term rentals you may own, you’d always have a tenant for there. So let’s talk about how we can actually do this. So here’s an example that you can use for your warm outreach or cold outreach. It’s a message template I’ve used. It works very well, and the first time here you may say, Hey, that sounds like you’re selling something. Well, that’s the point because you want people to be aware of what you have to offer. So let’s get into it. So it’s going to look like this. Hey, I was just thinking about you. I saw that you got a promotion.

Congratulations. So this is where we want to compliment your prospect or mention something you have in common. Think rapport. Open up the conversation. I listed my property in Airbnb, and if you or your friends and family are ever traveling to Orlando and you’d like to stay here, I’m happy to give you the sweetest deal. Here’s my phone number. Just text me anytime. Just as simple message opens up that door, because if they have four weeks from now, two months from now, a friend that says, Hey, I’m thinking about taking my kids to Disney World. Well, what comes to mind is, oh, you know what John just told me, he has a property there and he can give you a deal. Let me refer that. I think it’ll be a good fit for them. So this keeps you at top of mind. And if you’re doing this with a hundred different people a day for a hundred days, your properties in front of thousands of people and because it’s in front of thousands of people, you have way more chances of getting booked all year.

And if you do this into perpetuity or you have someone else do this when you get too busy. So here’s a case study with my personal experience with my Airbnb cleaning platform with my rule of 100, I get about four people who respond back. That’s 96 people who just don’t even respond back. It doesn’t mean they’re never going to, but they just don’t. Those four, out of those four, I close 50% of them. So I close two. So every day closing two new clients every single day because of this a hundred outreach rule. And if I get better at it because my learning curve makes me more productive, I’m going to increase my efficiency, increase my revenue all the time. And with the short-term rentals, it’s not as good as getting two closings per a hundred. I get one booking. So it still works. It is harder.

So you’re playing more of a numbers game, but one booking per a hundred outreaches is not a bad deal. If you’re doing it for a hundred days, it’s a hundred booking, right? So if you stick with this and make it a habit, you can grow your rental portfolio because as you do this every day and you create systems around it and you hire and train the right people, you can grow a thriving business with multiple properties because you have a marketing channel that’s not dependent on the platforms. And when you devise your own scripts and your own way to do this marketing, no one can take your secret sauce. That’s your secret sauce. Everyone knows they have to reach out to prospects, it’s sales one-on-one. But when you develop your secret sauce with your own templates, your own follow-up methods, that’s where you actually excel because you have a unique formula that is unique to you that no one else could take from you.

And when you do that, you can scale. So try the A outreaches if you have the time for it, a hundred outreaches in a hundred days. And if you have a property manager, ask them how many outreaches are they doing warm or cold? How many times did they do this outreach? And do they even have a direct selling program? Because if they’re not directly marketing to anybody and they’re just waiting for the platforms to bring bookings, that’s not doing enough. Because large companies are always selling the best. Companies that have the most growth have a way to grow without depending on a third party business. So I hope this was helpful. If you want to learn more about this, I’m going to talk more about warm and cold outreach on this podcast. Just stay tuned and if you want to help me create more content, please leave a rating or review on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify or the podcast platform of your choosing. Please join the Facebook group if you haven’t already. I would love to see you there. A link to it is going to be in a show notes. You just click on the link, you join, I’ll accept you right away. You could become part of the growing Facebook group family. And until next time, friends, you take care and stay both.Vacation Rentals With John is one of the fastest growing short term rental podcasts. The show has been growing in popularity because of its no BS, to the point lessons on how to grow and operate a vacation rental. Join the facebook group. To listen to any of the past episodes, check out this page.

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