Welcome Pack for AirBnB Guests: 7 Hacks for 5 Star Reviews

Welcome Pack for Airbnb Guests

Guests love free stuff. Absolutely love it. I run a few AirBnB homes and have earned a six figure sum from delivering excellent guest service, including welcome packs. Creating a welcome pack for AirBnB guests separates your accommodation from others in a saturated market. I know saturated, I operate around Disney World, Florida. Below are 10 hacks for 5 star reviews.

1.) AirBnB Essentials for Happy Guests

First of all, before you go all super host crazy and buy a ton of cool stuff for your welcome pack, make sure you cover what AirBnB calls the essentials.

  • Toilet paper should be of good quality, not cheap dollar store quality
  • Soap for hands and body, not just hard bar soap...you know, the small useless kind some hotels leave
  • One towel per guest, make it two.
  • One pillow per guest, also make it two.
  • Linens for each guest bed (this means blanket, comforter, fitted and flat sheet and don't forget mattress pad

An AirBnB superhost would also include shampoo, conditioner, and lotion packs for the bathrooms. Some even include makeup remover.

2.) Best Thank You Card for AirBnB Guests

What is the best thank you card for your AirBnB guest? The card should have a few characteristics.


The thank you card for your guests should include at least the name of the person on the reservation. If it is a couple include both names.

Warm and Friendly

Give them a sense of your personality through the card, meaning that you are open to help them with any questions or concerns and leave your contact information here as well. Wish them a great stay.

3.) Wine and Chocolate

Wine and chocolate is a perfect welcome pack choice for your guests. If your guests gave you any indication that they have a health, personal, or religious issue or background please refrain. 9/10 guests love this as a gift.

4.) Include Bottled Water in Welcome Pack for AirBnB Guests

Don't forget the bottled water, everyone drinks water. Leave a few in refrigerator and they will highly appreciate it!

5.) Fresh Flowers for Fantastic Five Star Reviews

I experimented with leaving fresh flowers and guess what? 5 Star Reviews. The addition of fresh flowers will make any guest think of your effort to impress. Please be warned, fresh flowers mean fresh. Do not leave them withering away for a few days or use fake flowers...it will not leave the same effect.

6.) Coffee and Tea

AirBnB guests are people, and people love coffee and tea in the morning. Do not forget the cream and sugar. 

7.) Starter Pack Groceries

For one of my vacation rentals, I experimented with leaving bacon, eggs, milk, water, bread, and orange juice for the mornings along with some of the items in the other hacks and guess what? They loved it. If you came into a rental stocked with starter groceries you will think one word: convenience. Saves a trip to the store early in the morning if your guests arrived late.

8.) Don't forget snacks for your AirBnB guests

Cookies, crackers, chips - you name it and they will eat it. Especially if the family or group has children. One guest phone call I still remember, "the cookies are delicious, I am leaving you 5 stars" Enough said. Mission accomplished.

Use these hacks when creating your welcome pack for airbnb guests and see your reviews grow. Comment below if you have any ideas you would like to add.

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