How to apply for Florida Vacation Rental License Quick and Easy

Florida Vacation Rental License

I had a question this morning from an owner, Fred. "John, how do you get your vacation rental license in Florida?" If you own a vacation rental, you need to have a license. Well, here is how to apply for Florida Vacation Rental License in a few easy steps.

Florida Vacation Rental Requirements

When is a Florida vacation rental license required?

Is your property a transient rental? Meaning, is your vacation home rented to guest 3 or more times for less than 30 day periods or advertised to the public as generally rented to guests? If so, you need a Florida vacation rental license.

Florida Vacation Rental License
Example Florida Vacation Rental License

Apply for a vacation rental license in Florida

For your convenience, I have included a copy of the application here.

Need help with the actual application? Contact me or comment below and I can help.

Annual vacation rental license fees in Florida

Annual license fees are based on the county your vacation home property is located. Hopefully, you are in a cheaper county! For this purpose, is divided into 7 districts. Licenses for districts expire at different times. Next, how much is the application fee? New and change of ownership is a $50 application fee. To clarify, this fee is in addition to the license fee.

Licensing fees for my Florida vacation rental

Annual license fees and due dates vary depending on what county your Florida vacation rental is located in. Additionally, I have included the link for annual license fees here and you can find your licensing district and due date here.

If you started your vacation rental in the second half of the year, you only have to pay a half-year fee.

Also, you will be notified 60 days before expiration to renew your Florida vacation rental license.

Florida Vacation Rental License Fee Calculator

To calculate your fees, you can click the link to this DBPR approved calculator.

Most importantly, things to remember...

  • Do not forget to renew your license annually
  • License must be conspicuously shown in lobby or be made available on request to your guests
  • If you buy another vacation rental, please report
  • Licenses are not transferable between individuals
  • If you provide cribs in your vacation rental, please be sure they meet safety standards

Finally, I have attached the Florida vacation rental guide here from the Division of Hotels and Restaurants.

Comment below if you have questions.

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