Vacation Rental Ban Florida – May 2020 Update

Florida Vacation Rental Ban

Yes, vacation rentals are still banned in Florida. For how long? Until Phase 2 and Phase 3, Governor Ron DeSantis has banned all vacation rental activity to tourists (with some exceptions). The Florida vacation rental marketplace, which has been devastated by COVID-19, has been shut down by a State Executive Order.

Phase 1 effectively bans vacation rentals in Florida. Only traveling medical professionals, first responders, emergency, governmental, healthcare, military, non-vacation commercial activities, displaced families unable to reside in their home, and people needing to quarantine away from their family can book. Please note, it is important to document the reason for travel of your guests (must have proof of their employment, etc.) or risk stiff penalties. You cannot book to in-state tourists at this time.

Vacation rentals will slowly reopen. There are no dates at this time. Here is when you can book a vacation rental in Florida with the COVID-19 restrictions:

  • Phase 1 - only travelers engaged in a non- vacation commercial activities (like business people, working as a service supplier, patients families, journalists, airline crews). A displaced families, displaced residents or visitors who are unable to reside in their home. People who needs to quarantine away from their family. Persons performing military, emergency, governmental, healthcare, first respondents
  • Phase 2 - In-state travelers can book vacation rentals (only Florida residents)
  • Phase 3 - Reservations are welcome from out of state, although tourists from "hot spots" should self-quarantine

Many vacation rental owners and property managers are losing significant booking income and are making their voices heard to the state. Health is a main concern, but the Florida tourist economy has come to a halt due to restrictions on vacation rentals.

You can face still penalties if found in violation of the vacation rental ban in Florida including, but not limited to:

  • Criminal penalty and misdeamenor charges
  • Loss of DBPR license to operate as a vacation rental
  • Fines and penalties

Governor Ron DeSantis issued his first order, Executive Order 20-51, banning vacation rentals for 14 days. After this, Ron DeSantis extended the Executive Order:

Florida vacation rental owners and Airbnb hosts can take advantage of:

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23 thoughts on “Vacation Rental Ban Florida – May 2020 Update”

  1. (Fact) Extended the order again, this time until May 4
    (NONE) Most recently, the vacation rental ban was extended, indefinitely.

    There is no Executive Order that extended the ban beyond May 4. Please show the reference, as there is nothing in Phase 1 that prohibits vacation rentals, nor does the ban extend beyond May 4, 2020 as 20-87 extended.

  2. What’s the reasoning behind Jacksonville beaches and other beaches on East Coast allowed to be open? They have a heavy population and yet I haven’t seen any distancing on the beaches or elsewhere. I am just an old woman (73) with some questions God Loves You and I Do Also!!

  3. What’s the reasoning behind Jacksonville beaches and other beaches on the East Cast allowed to be open? They have a heavy population and yet I haven’t seen self–distancing on the beaches or elsewhere. I am an old person (73) with some questions. Sorry for All the aggravation. God Loves You and So Do I !!

  4. Where did you get this info about what will happen in phase 2 and 3? I haven’t seen this info anywhere else. Right now Out of state tourists are allowed to check in to any hotel. Why would it be only Florida residents in phase 2? Going backward?

  5. Brenda McGonagil

    I think this is ludicrous! Why can hotels be open and not private condos. This truly makes no sense!

  6. We have a close friend that invited us to his place 5/16 Edgewater condos. Would that be a violation? We are from Augusta GA.

  7. Amy Fitzpatrick

    is this for all of Florida. We have a condo rented in PCB on the July 4th weekend and a condo rented in Daytona that last week of July. I just called the place we are renting in Daytona and they know nothing about this.

  8. What are our legal stance regarding loss of earnings as it is fraudulent for us not to reimburse renters during this period?

  9. If your friend is allowing you to stay, you are a visitor – not really a renter so you would be fine. This is for vacation rental businesses. If you are booking the space it would not be allowed.

  10. Thank you Susan! Not sure what the reasoning is for sure, but I believe it has to do with # of confirmed cases and % decline in specific locations.

    God Bless!

    Any more questions you can email me at [email protected] and I can keep you updated.

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