How Many Airbnb Hosts Are There? Currently, over 4 million Airbnb hosts worldwide.

Airbnb has revolutionized the travel industry, providing travelers with unique and affordable accommodations and allowing hosts to earn extra income by renting out their homes or spare rooms. With the platform’s growth over the years, many people may wonder: how many Airbnb hosts are there? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the numbers and discuss what they mean for the platform and the industry.

How many Airbnb hosts are there?

How many airbnb hosts are there?

According to Airbnb’s website, there are over 4 million hosts worldwide. This number includes individuals who have hosted at least one guest through the platform since its inception in 2008. While this number is impressive, it’s important to note that not all hosts are active on the platform at any given time. Some may only rent out their homes sporadically or seasonally, while others may be more consistent in their hosting.

Despite this, Airbnb’s impact on the travel industry has been significant. In 2019 alone, the platform facilitated over 327 million guest arrivals in over 220 countries and regions. This demonstrates the massive scale of Airbnb’s reach and the potential for hosts to connect with travelers from all over the world.

Airbnb has seen its share of challenges…

It’s also worth noting that Airbnb has faced some challenges and controversy in recent years, particularly in cities where it has been accused of exacerbating housing shortages and driving up rental prices. Some cities have implemented regulations or restrictions on short-term rentals, which could impact the number of hosts on the platform in certain locations.

The platform is working with local communities and supporting hosts

However, Airbnb has also taken steps to address these concerns and work with local communities. The platform has implemented measures such as a One Host, One Home policy in some cities, which limits hosts to only one listing and aims to prevent commercial operators from taking over the market. Airbnb has also made efforts to support hosts during the COVID-19 pandemic, including providing financial assistance and offering resources for enhanced cleaning and safety protocols.


In conclusion, while it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact number of active Airbnb hosts at any given time, the platform’s impact on the travel industry is undeniable. With millions of hosts worldwide and millions of guest arrivals each year, Airbnb has changed the way people travel and experience new places. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Airbnb adapts and grows to meet the changing needs and expectations of hosts and travelers alike.

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