Ep. 9: Airbnb Aircover Explained. What is Aircover and how does Airbnb deal with damages caused by guests?

Is AirCover – top-to-bottom coverage for every host really all that it is cracked up to be?

Hosts were asking for a more straightforward process that actually covered damages. Airbnb listened and responded with AirCover.

AirCover by Airbnb Highlights

  • $1mm damage protection

  • $1mm host liability insurance

  • Includes reimbursement for lost income (calendar blocked because last guest caused damage)

  • Pet damage

  • Deep cleaning including smoke odor and steam cleaning a rug if a guest was particularly messy

  • Superhost priority routing and faster reimbursements

  • 14 day filing window for reimbursement – no more rushing to get documentation out before the next guest checks in.

John from Vacation Home Help also discusses how Airbnb acts as judge and jury on damage claim cases and how it impacts you as a host.

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