Ep. 6: What to expect from a property management company for vacation rentals. Listen before you hire the wrong one and avoid losing thousands of dollars.

Today we have a discussion with Tim Casey, CEO of StoreyBook Vacation Homes and Real Estate Investor

In Episode 6, John and Tim will discuss what to expect from a property manager. Learn what to expect and what to avoid including:

  • What is vacation rental management?

  • Marketing and Operations

  • Making your guests feel safe

  • Tim and John’s outlook on the economy and the vacation rental market

  • Understanding property management fees

  • Secrets from a professional manager you can use to run your vacation rental business more efficiently and effectively

If you would like to reach out to Tim to chat you can reach him at [email protected]. If you are thinking about investing or have a rental you think he can help manage in Orlando, FL, please do not hesitate to reach out to him – he is very friendly!

You can also see pictures of his super cool 9 bedroom Disney rental (Orlando, FL) and make a booking at storeybook.com

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