Does Airbnb cover damages from guests? What is AirCover?


Is AirCover - top-to-bottom coverage for every host really all that it is cracked up to be? 

Hosts were asking for a more straightforward process that actually covered damages. Airbnb listened and responded with AirCover

AirCover by Airbnb Highlights

  • $1mm damage protection
  • $1mm host liability insurance
  • Includes reimbursement for lost income (calendar blocked because last guest caused damage)
  • Pet damage
  • Deep cleaning including smoke odor and steam cleaning a rug if a guest was particularly messy
  • Superhost priority routing and faster reimbursements
  • 14 day filing window for  reimbursement - no more rushing to get documentation out before the next guest checks in. 

Criticisms of Airbnb's AirCover

Sounds perfect, or too good to be true? While this is a huge step up from the old way of damage protection, my largest criticism is Airbnb’s host support. The customer support team is slow to respond, sometimes fails to listen to the host, and reaches conclusions while ignoring many important facts. 

Who is the final judge of a damage claim? While Airbnb shares details of their Host damage protection, those of us with experience remember the extreme frustration trying to get a claim approved through the resolution center.

The old process was simple, but ineffective. Make a claim, provide documentation, and wait for the guest to pay voluntarily for the damage they caused. More often than not, the guest flat out refused to pay. Next step, dealing with the resolution center…never an easy process. They ask for more documentation, when pictures and invoices were not enough proof for them to move forward on a claim. A lot of back and forth, wasted time, and disappointment. 

Are you protected from guest damage through AirCover? Some tips on how to make an Airbnb damage claim through the Resolution Center easier.

Yes, but you will have to keep great documentation. Here are my tips:

  • Always take photos, timestamp preferred. Ask your airbnb cleaners if they can help
  • Keep any receipts or invoices from repairs or replacements
  • Do not exaggerate, be truthful and honest with your claims. While you may be upset with the guest who caused damage, some issues can be fixed without claiming money through AirCover
  • Be kind to your Airbnb support rep, kindness goes a long way
  • Do not argue with your guests, kindly let them know what you noticed and ask if they will be willing to help pay to fix the damage first
  • If the guest does not pay after your request in 72 hours, you have a right to involve Airbnb’s Resolution Center

While the promises of AirCover are a breath of fresh air for most hosts, time will show if the process has truly improved coverage for hosts. The 14-day window and expanded coverage is definitely a plus. The major question: will Airbnb make it easy to file a claim for reimbursement with improving their host support? Will they live up to their promises? I am excited to discuss this topic further as it evolves. Please comment below so we can learn from our shared experiences. 

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