How Much Toilet Paper to Leave for Airbnb Guests?

First off, we have all heard this complaint before. Because we are seasoned in the business, most hosts know to stock enough toilet paper to avoid the call or comment that the guest used the bathroom only to find out they couldn't finish the job...

For those of us who are new to hosting, leaving enough toilet paper for your airbnb guests is an absolute must. 

Host should supply guest on Airbnb with at least 2 rolls of toilet paper. Ideally, hosts should provide Airbnb guests with 4 toilet paper rolls per bathroom. Essential supplies required by Airbnb include toilet paper.

  • A minimum of 1 roll per bathroom should be supplied
  • Rule of thumb is to provide at least 2 toilet paper rolls per bathroom
  • Superhost will supply 3-4 toilet paper rolls per bathroom
Toilet paper airbnb

In this paragraph, I will explain why we leave 1 roll as a cleaning company and why we recommend host purchase more rolls or supply their own for guest satisfaction. First, supplies are expensive and we personally do not include essentials in our cleaning fee. Because of this, we recommend our hosts stock a supply closet with plenty of toilet paper for their guests. Second, we professionally recommend supplying 2-4 rolls per bathroom.

Because the guest experience is paramount, we do not want them ever running out of toilet paper. In our market, many hosts believe in self-catering. To clarify, they believe "this is not a hotel" and guests should only receive starter supplies like one roll.

To be clear, if you don't provide guests with adequate supplies, they will complainMost of the time, they do not care about your rationale, how much money you want to save, and your profit margins. When they are sitting on the toilet, they want and demand toilet paper. Give your customer what they want. Stock the bathroom.

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