How to find cleaners for my AirBnB rental property?

How to Find Cleaners for My Airbnb Rental Property

How to find cleaners for my AirBnB rental property?

Finding cleaners for your Airbnb property may seem challenging at first. However, since Airbnb has grown in popularity since its IPO, there are many cleaning companies that specialize in servicing vacation rentals.

You can find Airbnb cleaners through marketplaces like Vacation Home Help or TurrnoverBnB. Alternatively, you can find airbnb cleaners on referral sites like Thumbtack or Angies. Also, asking around for recommendations from other hosts in forums and facebook groups could land you a referral to your new cleaner. 

We focus on helping owners find their perfect match for the vacation rental housekeeping needs. 

Finding a cleaner for your vacation rental on Facebook 

Nowadays, everyone uses Facebook to stay connected to friends and family. There are facebook groups where airbnb hosts share experiences, advice, and referrals. These facebook groups are the perfect place to introduce yourself and ask for recommendations. Most hosts are extremely helpful and love to share their recommendations.

Using an Airbnb Cleaning Platform or App

Ultimately, your search can be much simpler. Using a service like Vacation Home Help can take a lot of the guesswork out of finding your new cleaner. Best of all, cleaning platforms do the screening and background check process for you. In addition, by using a platform you will have access to more than one cleaner. Think of the following two scenarios:

  1. Your cleaner is sick 
  2. Your cleaner has too many appointments

Certainly, you will need backup. While you may save money hiring an independent cleaner, it is much safer using a referral service or airbnb cleaning platform like Vacation Home Help. Also, we recommend staying away from Craigslist and random google searching. If a friend asks how to find cleaners for my AirBnB rental property please be sure to share these tips.

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