Promo Terms and Conditions

New clients taking advantage of our first time client promo must agree to the following terms:

  1. Property will be synchronized through resortcleaning with either a Property Management Software link, Airbnb link, VRBO link, or link
  2. Manually adding a clean does not quality for first time cleaning promo
  3. Service agreement must be signed to qualify for a first time promo
  4. Promo issued as a discount on first cleaning appointment
  5. One appointment per account is eligible for promo, owners with multiple properties will only be given a total discount of $99.

Referral Program

Customers can earn a free cleaning if they refer a friend and that friend books at least 5 appointments through the Vacation Home Help platform. The free cleaning is capped at $150. There is no limit on amount of referrals, but this is for referring a customer. If a customer brings multiple homes through one account, it is limited to one referral clean only.